Borealis Geopower

Trusted Advisors to the Geothermal Energy Industry

Who is Borealis GeoPower?

Borealis GeoPower Inc. is a private Canadian corporation focused on developing high temperature geothermal energy projects. We are currently working on geothermal projects throughout western Canada and internationally.

Established in 2007, Borealis GeoPower has assembled an experienced team of well-respected, industry-leading players with world-class capabilities. Together our team has over 130 years of experience developing energy resources and has managed all aspects of the geothermal value chain. By leveraging our unique skills and capabilities, we aim to become the leading independent geothermal power players teams in Canada, unlocking Canada’s vast geothermal energy potential.

Geothermal (or earth heat) energy is a clean, renewable source of both power and heat. It is proven technology that provides baseload (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) power, has low to no emissions and one of the smallest environmental footprints of any power supply. Geothermal can be a practical energy solution for an entire generation of Canadians.

GSC: Canadian Geothermal Potential

Borealis would like to thank the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) for all of the research and work that went into the Canadian Geothermal Potential Report, released in June 2011.

The report, conducted by the GSC and a team of leading scientists, thoroughly examined the resource potential of geothermal energy in Canada, concluding that immense geothermal potential is distributed across all of Canada. It also found that “Canada’s in-place geothermal power exceeds one million times Canada’s current electrical consumption.” With such a positive evaluation from such a well-respected organization, Borealis and the geothermal industry in Canada is prime to develop geothermal energy as a valuable resource, which will offset more environmentally damaging technologies and bring a reliable, renewable and sustainable power source online.

Special thanks to the authors:  Grasby, S E; Allen, D M; Chen, Z; Ferguson, G; Jessop, A; Kelman, M; Ko, M; Majorowicz, J; Moore, M; Raymond, J; Therrien, R. Geological Survey of Canada

Trusted Advisors to the Geothermal Energy Industry

With the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association’s (CanGEA) announcement of the release of the Canadian Geothermal Code for Public Reporting, Borealis GeoPower is pleased to be one of the few companies in Canada qualified to analyze and assess geothermal energy resources according to the standards of the Canadian Geothermal Code for Public Reporting. This code provides a minimum set of requirements for the public reporting of Exploration Results, Geothermal Resources and Geothermal Reserves.

Borealis GeoPower donates 1% of its net profits to environmental causes.