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CanGEA to begin development of Geothermal Technology Roadmap

CanGEA will host a Technology Information Session will be held February 7, 2012, from 11:30AM-1:30PM in Calgary in collaboration with their partner the Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada

The first phase of this initiative has been kindly supported by Natural Resources Canada and Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures.

The work on this roadmap will help to support the growth of Canada’s geothermal energy industry through strategies agreed by stakeholders from government, industry and the research community. It will help bring together all stakeholders to evaluate and develop the right steps in helping Canada become a competitive player in the globally growing geothermal energy market. At the same time it will help foster development of geothermal energy projects in Canada that could help in applying technologies and know-how of the Canadian natural resources industries, including companies from the oil and gas sector, geothermal energy companies and the larger research community.

Spaces for the information session are limited- click here to register early.